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MOSH Bar | Food | Apartments | Skopje | MK

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This October 2019, Alfa Audio completed Another Cafe & Lounge Bar Project in Skopje, Macedonia. Another Cafe & Lounge Bar Project in Skopje with multi-zone sound system designed and managed by Alfa Audio.

The choice of the sound reinforcement system was based on 2 crucial criteria:

  1. Delivery of high sound pressure level for DJ's party time performances.
  2. Uncompromising high resolution detailed sound quality with smooth shaped high frequency, deep tonal base, and clear vocal spectrum on mid tones for smooth and relaxing lounge atmosphere.

Therefore we decided to use AUDAC Speakers for the small terrace and areas around the front side, and the famous and powerful
FBT speakers J12 in the bar & lounge area on the back side. Other equipment that wa sused for this sound systems is as follows:

  • The PROEL active standard FL enclosure which provides a low end ground shaking base.
  • An DSP unit as usual, for providing a proper EQ and filtering and for adopting and adjusting of the system and space acoustics,
    delay for correction of speaker space displacement etc.
  • The SMAART 8 system with calibrated mic from Rational Acoustics for the measurements.





















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