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Home Lighting Club & Disco Lighting Lasers LASER SURPASS-3 SD (550GBC) CR-TEC
Product number: 163168
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Animation Laser with ILDA 20K + SD Card System

CR-TEC 550 mW GBC large power laser, 150 mW-G + 400mW-B

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Buyers appreciate the choice of technology choice, professionals - features and performance. CR-Tec Company has attempted to create an interesting laser for the first and second.

The model has a name - CR-Tec SURPASS-3 SD. High-speed processor, the scanning module to galvanometers - are responsible for the technical component of the device. 128 animated graphic show, more than 100 beam show, 4-position radial effect, a multi-wave effect - this elective component.

Thermally stable laser diode CR-Tec SURPASS-3 SD is responsible for the safety of the device. The universality of this laser is self-evident. Do not miss your chance to become the owner of CR-Tec SURPASS-3 SD.


  • Stable te cooled laser diode (CNI)
  • High speed 25 Khz scanner
  • 2 x auto show + 2 x music show + 128 animated graphic show patterns
  • Hundres preprogramed beam effect
  • Multimode real wave effect
  • Four position solid beam effect
  • Auto, music, sound,DMX & ILDA
  • 4 DMX modes & 24 DMX channels, auto detected ILDA signal interface
  • Exactly 3D adjustable color mixer
  • Key switch & interlock, 100% laser safety regulation
  • Beam, wave, text, animation, logo


  • Thermally stable laser diode (CNI) emitter 150 mW-G + 400mW-B, 25KHz
  • High-speed. scanner on galvanometers 25KHz
  • 2 x AUTO SHOW + 2 x MUSIC SHOW
  • LCD control panel
  • Accurate 3D color mixer
  • Key lock power
  • Beam, text, graphics show
  • Animation, logo projection
  • The control panel on the case
  • 128 animated show with graphics
  • More than 100 beam show
  • The diverse effects of the wave
  • 4-position radial effect
  • Accurate white balance
  • Self-Test System
  • Auto, Sound, DMX & ILDA control
  • DMX mode 4 & 24 DMX channels
  • Auto adjusting signal PC control
  • Dimensions: 385h280h153 mm.
  • Weight 8.3 kg.
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CR-TEC Surpass-3 SD Presentation
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