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Home Hi-Fi Turntable & Vinyl Accessories CARBON BRUSH THORENS
Product number: 164012
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The carbon brush keeps dust from settling into the grooves of your vinyl and creating pops and hisses interrupting your listening experience. Pick one up today and keep your vinyl clean.

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This brush is used to remove static electricity and light dust from records before each playing. This is not a deep cleaning, dust or dirt removal brush; it is a compliment to record cleaning solutions like this excellent liquid cleaner by Last (LAST PC Power Cleaner 3/4 Oz.).

The brush is super simple to use, with the album on your turntable, hold it at roughly a ninety degree angle for about two revolutions, and then sweep it off the LP. No fuss, no muss, no fooling around.

Never touch the carbon fiber with your fingers. When there is visible dust on the fibers, give the brush a good flick by rotating the handle across the fibers. After each use, rotate the handle around to cover the fibers. If you press the brush too hard against the album, or do the deep dive sharp angle trick, fibers will be broken off the brush. Just press lightly against the rotating LP, sweep the brush off the LP, and all will be wonderful with this brush.

Audiophile or not, this brush is a must have for anyone that still loves analog recordings.

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