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Home Hi-Fi Audio Sources Turntables PS-100+ HIGH-END TURNTABLE AUDIOBLOCK
Product number: 165673
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Your most beautiful piece of furniture!

Our design has never been so effective. The glossy, deep black chassis emphasizes the white acrylic glass turntable and adapts perfectly to any environment through this timeless appearance, without exaggerating.

For some back in fashion, for the others it never has been away. For us, above all, the possibility to prove our engineering skills. We understand this HiFi device as a precision tool for audiophile music users.

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Ultimate technology. For every record.

In the PS-100+, we have used only the best components and materials to ensure perfect sound without any noise. At the same time, the sound remains costumizable to a incredible high degree.On request, we can assemble an Ortofon pickup system 2M Black or Bronze for you.

Minimized contact.

With the adjustable spike feet we have managed to minimize the ground contact of the PS-100+. Together with damping gums, this ensures absorption of impact sound and other possible vibrations on all relevant parts of the two-ply structure.

Turntable of acrylic glass
The 3 Kg heavy, massive platter runs on a specially developed ceramic precision bearing, which works almost completely wear-free. Record for record. Year for year.

Freestanding engine
Our 1.5 kg, self-adjusting motor measures itself via an internal stroboscope disk with sensor on the respective drive speed and is only connected by a Teflon drive belt with the turntable. The changeover from 33 to 45 rpm is effected by transferring the belt onto the drive disc.

Fine adjustment
The counterbalance (65g) for balancing the pickup arm, combined with the static antiskating weight, allows for an customizable sound, which we are very proud of. Find your perfect balance between spatial resolution and a strong foundation by fine-tuning the bearing weight.

Magnetic holder
With its mechanical lift featuring pneumatic damping and the magnetic pickup arm holder are avoiding accidents in the use of the sensitive needle and your vinyl treasures.

Picked up.
The PS100+ is equipped with a pickup arm ProJect and Block specially developed in cooperation for this chassis. Only 11.5 g, cranked 9.5 '', including 65 g counterweight.

Special feature: The pickup arm is magnetically held in its rest position.

What profess­ionals say about the PS-100+:

Hi-fi test: top class |  Very good |  Grade 1.2

"With the PS-100 block, records can be put in the right light - visually and sonically alike - with a footprint that's otherwise found only on much more expensive drives, and a range of technical refinements, the PS-100 makes a real statement."

LP 05/2013 New Kit from the Block

"The + Evolution of the Audio Block PS-100 is a real hit: The well-engineered components from European large-scale production turn an elegantly built drive into a really good turntable, which at this price is a tailor-made entry."


  • Speed: 33.33 | 45 rpm
  • Speed adjustment: fully automatic
  • Flutter: ± 0,1 %
  • Power consumption: 5,5 watt
  • Effective tonearm mass: 11,5 g
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 65 db
  • Effective tone arm length: 236,2 mm
  • External power supply input: ac 100 - 240 v at 50 - 60 hz
  • External power supply output: dc 18 v at 1,33 a
  • System: audio technica at 95 e or ortofon 2m bronze
  • Dimensions w | h | d: 450 x 190 x 375 mm (with motor)
  • Weight (kg): 12,5
  • Deatures: felt mat, rca cable with groand, tonearm, belt, tone arm counter weight, anti-skating weight, spacer for singles (45 rpm), external motor, cotton gloves
  • Included in the delivery are a high-quality rca connection cable with grounding, a felt mat (slipmat), 45 upm puck, a tool to readjust the tonearm in height and a pair of cotton gloves for a gentler setup!
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